Every lead pastor is called by God to teach the whole council of God to their congregation. However I have noticed over years of observation that every preacher has a central or “life’s message” that characterizes their ministry.

Today's Message

My central message is derived from a telescopic view of the activity of God from Genesis to Revelation and can be summarized as:

“My Father’s Business”


The first thing that we learn about God in Gen.1:1 is that God is engaged in the business of creation to make Himself known. This manifestation of God is called “Glory”, which becomes the very currency, motivation, or goal of His business dealings throughout time and eternity. Mankind was created to be God’s management team to continue and advance God's business in the material universe. The management team failed in its loyalty by cooperating in Satan’s hostile takeover of God’s creation. Therefore the bulk of God’s attention in history has been spent redeeming His management team which He has accomplished through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross of Calvary. His current activity on earth is being carried out exclusively through His new agency (the Church) made up of His children  trusted to deliver His program around the world until His Son returns to take back the world from its current CEO.


God is in Business and God means Business, is my central life’s message.


If you are a part of God’s Family (or would like to be), then you are a part of God’s Family Business.  God’s Word is the best place to find out what He wants you to do and how He wants you to do it, to successfully fulfill your purpose and receive the best pay in this life and the next. Jesus calls this the “Abundant Life”. God has commissioned and gifted me to teach God’s Word to those who want to understand and obey it.


“Teaching them to observe all things,

whatsoever I have commanded you.” 
Matthew 28:20 KJV


Pastor Bob Rice is first and foremost a servant of the true and living God, the happy husband of Sonya Rice, his wife of over 35 years, a proud
father to his daughter Rayanna and proud grandfather to his three grandchildren.

Pastor Rice is a native of Cleveland, Ohio where he attended Cleveland Central Catholic High School and graduated from Youngstown State
University in 1987 with a B.S. in Psychology.

Pastor Rice came to Christ at age 18 and accepted his call to preach the gospel at the age of 21. He served as an associate minister at Rising Star
Baptist Church in Youngstown, Ohio from 1984 to1990. During this time, he was in high demand as a vocalist, revivalist, and teacher. He
co-founded Open Door Ministries, a program receiving a federal grant to work with gang members on parole in the inner city. As participants in
this program, these young men were mentored and shown alternatives to the gang life. From 1987 to 1989, he served as interim Pastor of the Faith
Community Baptist Church in Euclid, Ohio. Pastor Rice was offered the permanent assignment as Senior Pastor but turned it down to attend Dallas
Theological Seminary.

In 1990, the Rice family left Ohio to attend Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned a Master’s Degree in Christian Education. He united
with North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship in January 1991. There he served as Pastor Smith’s loyal servant in various capacities including,
Sunday School teacher, AWANA game leader, Wednesday night Bible study teacher, Choir member, Pastor of Fellowship, Pastor of Assimilation,
Pastor of Christian Education, Executive Pastor, and Elder. He started the Care Cluster ministry and was influential in the selection and training of
the first group of deacons ordained at NDCBF. Other ministries founded under his leadership include, Life Groups, Inquiry Counseling, Security
Ministry, and Greeters.

In 2003, the Elders of North Dallas decided to plant a church and selected Bob to be the lead Pastor. On April 3, 2005, the Northeast Bible Church
was born. Over the past 17 years, thousands of people have been reached and transformed by the Word of God and the blood of Jesus working
through Pastor Rice and the members of the Northeast Bible Church.

Pastor Rice has a unique ability to make the Bible come to life and to make the complex theological concepts of scriptures clear, easy to
understand, and applicable to life today.